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Protect your property against flooding.

FloodFrame is the simple, effective, and affordable solution that protects your property from flood damages.

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About FloodFrame


What is FloodFrame?

FloodFrame is the simple, effective, and affordable solution that protects your structure from flood damages.


Included in your investment

We customize FloodFrame to your unique structure, adapting it to the specific size, layout, and other relevant features.


How to buy FloodFrame

Follow our three simple steps by clicking below to get your FloodFrame installed today. We are here to protect your home!

Learn about FloodFrame USA in the media!

View FloodFrame founder and CEO Tasha Fuller's interview with CW39 on their innovative flood mitigation technology, and learn how you can use their system to protect your home against the storm. Watch it here:


View FloodFrame customer Brent discuss the benefit of installation of the FloodFrame USA flood mitigation system for protection of his home during the event of a flood. Watch it here:


Tasha Nielsen, CEO and Co-Founder of FloodFrame USA, talked about FloodFrame in the podcast “Texas Home Improvement with Jim Dutton”. Listen to it here:


Texas Home Improvement with FloodFrame


”As a person whose personal residence had 18-inches of water and I have been rebuilding for past 12 months, FloodFrame may have saved me 12 months of temporary housing and 300,000 USD. I have a keen interest in the product.”

- Brent, home owner in Houston, Texas

“The first three times the water rose, I was very worried about what would happen to our poor house. Not this time. Now I’m actually rather looking forward to it. I’m very excited and I’m hoping that I can test the FloodFrame that has been installed around our house.”

- Peter, home owner in Denmark

“We were flooded and needed a solution to protect our house against a new flooding. More than anything else this precaution was taken to sleep better at night. This solution cost between 100-150.000 Danish Kroner. – but a house renovation after a flooding is of course far more expensive.”

- Dorthe, home owner in Denmark


Executive Team


Tasha Fuller

CEO and Co-Founder

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Danish born and Texas raised, Tasha Fuller, is the CEO and Co-Founder of FloodFrame USA based out of Houston, Texas, and holds a Licensed Professional Civil Engineering License, as well as over 8 years of experience in Hydraulics & Hydrology in the Houston area.


Susanne Toftgard Nielsen

Global CEO and Advisor

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Susanne holds a master in Political Science and has 30 years of management experience from international engineering and architectural companies. She is the Global CEO and Advisor for FloodFrame USA, and oversees growth for the global brand as well as technological developments for FloodFrame.


Claus Nielsen

Chairman and Co-Founder 

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Claus Nielsen is the Chairman of the Board and Co-founder for FloodFrame USA. He works with Tasha Fuller to grow FloodFrame's impact in the USA. Claus is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience growing companies in the technology and real estate areas.

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